Insights from Thriva’s lifestyle study

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We’re four weeks into our diet and exercise study — just two to go. Take a look at what we’ve found so far.

The study

Not sure what our diet and exercise study is? Here’s what’s involved.  

Once a week, you get three questions about your diet and exercise habits via SMS. Your answers are added to your lifestyle dashboard and you end up with some graphs and insights. 

The insights

Diet insights

Since starting, 50% of people have improved their diet. Diets scores have been consistently increasing each week. On average, they’ve jumped a full point from 5 to 6 since week one — meaning your diet is now made up of about 60% wholefoods. 

Exercise insights

43% of people are exercising more since starting. On average, people are now exercising for 187 minutes a week. That’s a massive 20 minutes more than week one — impressive! 

The improvements

Evidence shows that tracking your health can help make you more aware of your behaviour and keep you motivated. This can lead to positive behavioural changes that ultimately might lead to improvements in your health. 

If you’ve made lifestyle improvements over the last few weeks, you might see the benefits in your next set of results. The biomarkers you might see the biggest improvements in include:

Keep an eye out for your next text from us on Sunday. We’ll make sure to share the final insights with you once it’s all wrapped it up.

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