Our top 9 fitness wearables for 2018

Fitness wearables are not only a great source of motivation, but are now just as popular as wearing a watch - sometimes even replacing a traditional watch.

By enabling you to track and record your physical activity, they keep you going when the couch is calling your name.

In today’s blog we have rounded up what we think are the best wearables available, each of them will have you beating those PB's in no time.


1. Moov

Moov can be your virtual coach as well as your fitness tracker. From circuit training to running and swimming, Moov will coach you through your workout. Weighing only 15.1 grams and being completely waterproof it's the perfect virtual workout partner.


2. Fitbit

Fitbits are no longer just a tracking device, with their range now including headphones, weighing scales and watches. Their newest features are adding another level of motivation to staying active. From competing with your friends through their Leaderboard to receiving your Achievement Badges, Fitbit are making working out fun (and competitive) again.


3. Dofit HR

5-10 days battery life is just one of the Dofit’s impressive features. Measure your heart rate, daily activity and sleep along with calculating your calorie consumption with 90% accuracy, all in a stylish compact tracker.


4. The Huawei Band 2

The Huawei Band 2 is a great lightweight and affordable tracker. Using it’s gestural controls you can turn on the watch by simply raising your wrist and turning it towards you instead of having to tap it every now and then.


5. Suunto 3 Fitness 

Due to be released in the Spring, the Suunto 3 Fitness is a stylish tracker with the useful addition of smartphone features. A super lightweight watch that is controlled by three keys. It offers adaptive training guidance to assist with your workouts, the standard activity & sleep tracking along with a number of sport modes.


6. MisFit Vapor Smart Watch

With 4GB of memory the MisFit Vapor Smartwatch allows you to download your favourite music and link it via bluetooth to your headphones. Being able to control your music via the watch limits the use of your phone meaning you can stay focused on your exercise game.


7. FourFit

FourFit is giving the FitBits and Garmin trackers a run for their money since hitting the market. Combining a smart watch with a tracker you can measure your steps, calories, sleep and heart rate.  


8. Garmin vivosport

Part of their "Vivo" range, the Garmin vivosport is one of the most practical trackers on the list. It incorporates what you might expect from a larger Garmin runners watch into a neat wrist band. Features include built in GPS, heart rate monitoring, stress tracking, 7 hour battery life along with syncing to your phone and Garmin app.

9. Polar A300

One of the best features of the Polar A300 is their inactivity alert. If you've been inactive for 55 minutes you will get a gentle vibration alert to get up and get moving. It also connects with your phone so that you can be aware of any calls, texts or alerts while working out



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