Kick Start: 16 Health & Wellness Bloggers for 2018

With most new year resolutions a thing of the past by January 16th, we're here to help motivate you to improve your health.

From the bloggers to know, to our favourite food, wearables and apps, we have you covered when it comes to smashing 2018!

First in our series are the up and coming bloggers worth keeping an eye on.

Health & Wellness Bloggers

The internet is full of blogs dedicated to lifestyle, nutrition, health, wellness, fitness and much more. It's an ever expanding category and with that it can prove difficult to find a source of information that suits you.

So we've had a look at some of the bloggers who may not be as well known but are providing relevant, thought provoking content and resources. 

1. Cakes vs Scales

Katie G started Cakes vs Scales back in 2012 and has been recognised across many platforms such as The Health and Fitness Magazine, The Huffington Post & The Telegraph. Cakes vs Scales focuses on food, health and fitness, lifestyle, and mental health and looks to motivate her audience to live a better life.

Our recommended post to start with: Dear New Gym Users

2. Pollyanna Isabella

With a super active Instagram account as well as her blog, Pollyanna shares her passion for health, fitness and wellbeing in order to encourage her audience to live their healthiest and happiest life. 

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3. Caffrin.C 

Catherine describes her blog as a place where she can express all things about being vegan, cruelty free and general lifestyle aspects of her life. Along with reviewing vegan products, she shares her favourite recipes and round ups of her travels.

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4. Amuse Your Bouche

If you are looking for a variety of simple, brilliant and delicious vegetarian recipes then look no further as Becca has you covered. From main meals to side dishes and desserts there are plenty of recipes to try. 

Our recommended post: 40+ Healthy vegetarian dinners (that aren't just salads!)

5. Hungry Healthy Happy

Dannii and Dave’s blog is all about wellbeing, maintaining a happy lifestyle, travel, fitness tips and healthy recipes to name a few. Their main mission is to prove that being healthy is far more than just a restrictive diet.  

Our recommended post: Healthy eating on a budget

6. Tin and Thyme 

Tin and Thyme, Tales from a Cornish Kitchen is a vegetarian blog showcasing home cooked food with a twist. Drawing from her surroundings and background, Choclette has a number of inspiring recipes. 

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7. Rosalilium

To Elizabeth, the driving force behind Rosalilium, wellbeing is much more than just nutritional and fitness, it’s about state of mind, experiences, and the path we choose through life. Her blog expresses holistic value about taking self-care seriously, making a lifestyle that is honest, meaningful and kind to yourself. 

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8. Thinly Spread

Not only does Chris share her tempting vegan recipes but she also shares her adventures on and off the land along with the crafty creations she makes at home with her family. 

Our recommended post: Reducing food waste at home

9. Father Fitness

With his focus being on how he balances his family life with eating well and maintaining his fitness, Paul really is on a health journey and is bringing his readers along for the ride. 

Our recommended post: 3 ways to train mental fitness

10. Rough Measures

Sus started off her blog in her narrowboat kitchen (talk about tight) so she knows all about the willingness and patience that can be required when cooking up mouth watering vegetarian dishes. 

Our recommended post: Vegan slow cooker: Autumn Apples

11. SpamellaB

With her tagline reading #IndulgingInnocently, Pamela promises all the satisfaction and tastiness of food with non of the guilt. Her recipes range from dairy-free to vegan along with some helpful reviews. 

Our recommended post: No-bake chocolate & Bailey's almond butter tarts

12. That Squat Bot

Sarah states that she runs fast, lifts heavy and eats hard, and her blog certainly lives up to her mission. Focusing mainly on Crossfit, what to train, what to eat etc, she also brings in different elements, such as our recommended post, which all centre around being the best version of yourself. 

Our recommended post: The lazy person's guide to supermarket-bought healthy snacks

13. Tales of Annie Bean

Annie lives for fitness, and has managed to extend that love to include travelling and fashion at times. From providing her readers with the latest wearables on the market to discussing the importance of mental health in "being healthy" Tales of Annie Bean is a well rounded health & lifestyle blog.

Our recommended post: Get fit with your dog

14. Paddle Pedal Pace 

With the focus of Lucy's blog being triathlons she inspires her readers to challenge themselves to get and stay active. Having only started her triathlon journey in 2014 she knows exactly what it's like to get started.

Our recommended post: Tips for choosing a triathlon as a beginner

15. Fitness Forster

Not only does Amie share her own recipes but she also shares her top fitness tips alongside some amazing trips. She's managed to combine her passion for healthy food, travel and fitness into a motivating, easy to consume blog and has just started using her platform to promote and support fellow bloggers. 

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16. Gemma Callaway

Gemma is refreshingly honest when it comes to discussing mental health, both her own experiences along with general advice. 

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Whether you're looking for fitness bloggers or something more specific I think we have you covered with the above list. 

Next in our health series will be a round up of the food companies that you need to know about.