Thriva announces one-of-a-kind product for the thyroid community

06.03.18 London - Thriva, the preventative health-service, has today launched an advanced thyroid tracking product, which has been developed in consultation with the thyroid community to build on and improve existing methods to diagnose and manage the condition.

In the UK, one in 20 people suffer from thyroid conditions, with ten times as many women diagnosed with problems as men. Sufferers battle with daily symptoms that can include chronic fatigue, weight gain or loss, muscular soreness, mood swings and sensitivity to heat, amongst others.

Diagnosing and treating thyroid is a contentious issue, and there are many areas of conflict within mainstream medicine. Thriva’s unique test has been developed to extend the mainstream view and tackle some of these conflicts with the aim of improving the lives of those suffering with thyroid problems.

To develop the advanced test, Thriva’s Medical Director Dr. Vishal Shah reviewed all new research and consulted the thyroid community and specialist medical professionals including Tanya Borowski, a leading functional medicine practitioner, and Professor John Wass, professor of endocrinology at University of Oxford.

The Thriva kit allows people to check their thyroid health in their own home by taking a simple finger-prick blood test. After submitting a sample to a registered lab, they will receive results and advice from a registered GP within 48 hours.  Following the first test, each person is provided with bespoke advice as well as suggestions on any follow up testing if required.

How Thriva’s test is different
The current mainstream medicine view is that a diagnosis can be made predominantly using the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level.

However the advanced thyroid tracking product from Thriva also tracks two key thyroid antibodies, TPEX & TGAB over time along with vitamin D and iron levels, which are also necessary to support thyroid function.

Thriva’s at-home blood testing kit is advanced and unique in the breadth of the factors it analyses, which includes TSH, T4, T3, TPO / TPEX, TGAB, Vitamin D, Ferritin, B12 and B9 (Folate).

Thriva’s test and follow up consult offers holistic treatment alongside medical treatment and aims to highlight the role that preventative measures such as nutrition and lifestyle can have on helping people manage thyroid issues.

For more information and detail on the development and differences in the Thriva thyroid tracking product, please see our blog post.

The Advanced Thyroid tracking product will be available online [LINK] for £84.00 which includes the finger-prick blood test, offering GP guidance and the analysis of:

Hamish Grierson, founder of Thriva said: “We are building the world's first preventative healthcare service. Identifying groups of people who’re being poorly served by current solutions is at the core of that ambition.”

“The Thyroid test we’re launching today isn’t ours. It’s the Thyroid community’s. It was the community themselves and pioneering experts in the field who helped us evolve this product. With this advanced test, we are proposing an extension to the mainstream view. Our research confirms that it makes complete sense to also support thyroid function tests with nutrition and to attempt to reduce autoimmunity with lifestyle interventions.”

Dr Vishal Shah, Medical Director at Thriva said: “For many sufferers, the treatment and care model for thyroid is broken. Many are left frustrated without the correct treatment. Diagnosing and treating thyroid is a contentious issue. Between mainstream GPs, functional medicine practitioners and endocrinologists, there's little agreement.

“We have been rigorous and robust in analysis of evidence, but we are also sympathetic to the unmet needs of the thyroid community.”

For more information on the advanced tracking thyroid test and about Thriva’s product, please see the post.