Mood swings making you feel out of control? Rubbish sleep patterns? Problem skin? Periods out of whack?

Our hormones can have a huge impact on our lives but let’s face it, most of us don’t really understand them. While we can’t eradicate all of our hormonal horrors, knowledge as they say, is power.

So join us for an enlightening evening as we open up the conversation around female hormonal health, hearing real-stories and expert advice from the likes of menopause campaigner Meg Mathews, gynaecologist Sara Matthews, Dr Jan Toledano from London Hormone Clinic, nutritional therapist and female health expert, Angelique Panagos, alongside Jo & Ann from Positive Pause, Sally Bee, fertility expert Dr Larisa Corda and psychologists and more to open up the conversation around female hormonal health.

Hosted by Emma and Gabby, the dynamic duo behind infertility podcast Big Fat Negative, the evening will be a fun, open and honest chat about female hormonal health, all recorded as part of a live podcast.

Tickets are available below, and the first 50 people to sign up get a free Thriva female hormones kit (available to collect on the night). Here’s what you'll hear:

  • Real-life stories from women and their own hormonal journeys - from fertility to mood swings, skin and sleep.

  • Expert insights about what you can do to 'manage' these symptoms and changes - the role that nutrition, stress and other lifestyle factors can play.

  • A debate on the menopause, from before to after the transition and how we can embrace a dose of positivity when it comes to managing its physical and emotional impact.

We'll be providing drinks, nibbles and wonderful goodie bags on the night and the first 50 people to sign up will receive a free Thriva female hormones (baseline or menopause) test.

This event is being hosted to celebrate the launch of Thriva’s new female hormone tests, both ‘baseline’ and menopause and will be delivered by Catch, the communications agency for world-changing ideas.

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