Our billboard campaign: did you see it?

Thriva - Billboard - Little Prick


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed our latest billboard advertising campaign with Ant Smith, the author of the micropenis bible, and a self-reported owner of a micropenis. Why? To celebrate the message that there's nothing wrong with a little prick.

We are not okay with 25% of the public dying from a preventable disease. We’re not okay with people not having access to the health information that can prevent this. We're not okay with disease not being prevented when all it takes is a little prick.

Lifestyle affects a huge number of health factors across our life. With biomarkers such as cholesterol, iron, liver function, and vitamins acting as early indicators of future risk. Tracking these biomarkers can be done with a simple at-home blood test.

Eliot, our cofounder, has familial hypercholesterolemia. Which used to see him taking the morning off work, to go to the doctors every couple of months to get his blood tested. Every time he got his results back it was over the phone, and was always either a 'fine' or 'not fine' answer. 

It was from here that the Thriva vision to give people access to the health data that matters was born. Ant Smith has been great to work with on this campaign. He joins our rallying cry in the race to make sure as many people as possible are informed about their health.

Eighteen months on and we have over 10,000 people who have joined our preventative healthcare community. Why not join us? After all, there's nothing wrong with a little prick.