What a bleedin' success!

Here at Thriva HQ we have just recovered from our week at Old Street station (the massages we had on Tuesday helped too!)

Thanks to everyone who swung by to find out more about us, purchase their first test or to just say hello. It was great being able to meet and speak with so many of you.

Along with being open every day we had evening events on across the week, personally I learned a lot from them and always find it refreshing to hear from the professionals that you’re doing fine and to not be so hard on yourself.

Sam Jones, The Gut Health Empire

Now this was a fascinating talk, Sam brought us through her own years long journey with her gut health. She shared her advice relating to the FODMAP diet along with her go to bacteria busting Symprove.

The biggest takeaways I took from her talk was to imagine your gut similar to a bucket - you are constantly filling it with food and when it starts to get too full and overflow you’re going to experience some difficulties. When it comes to “clearing out” your gut (bucket) you will need to completely empty what is already there and start filling it from the start again.

Always keep in your mind as well that your gut health is the fight between good bacteria and bad bacteria - and you want the good bacteria to always win!


What impact is the modern lifestyle having on your health, a panel discussion

On Tuesday we held a health panel discussing the impact a modern lifestyle is having on our health. It was a great discussion and one that could have continued on for hours!

The panel included; Chloe Cunningham from Health is Wealth, Dr Bronya Gorney from Coaching for Health and a NHS GP and Antonia Bannasch from Bodyshot Performance.

There were so many great nuggets of advice from the talk that those in attendance could take away and implement in their lives right away.

Our favourites in the office were:

  • Crowd out the tempting “bad” cravings by having something healthy to eat first (if you are still craving the chocolate cake after then eat it!)

  • There’s a reason that diet books are always on the bestseller lists - there isn’t one that works for everyone, finding out what works for you is key to your eating habits

  • Be sure to measure the areas and things that you want to improve, there isn’t a need to measure everything that is going on

  • Everyone is different, so adopting diets should be based on what you want to achieve and also with this consideration e.g. can you convert what you are putting into you, as part of this diet, into the right things that your body needs

And finally probably the most important (and eye opening) piece of advice; You have the time, but you have to make it. I felt this resonated with everyone in the room, using time as an excuse is the easy way out. There are 24 hours in the day and it’s up to you to allocate that 30 / 40 / 60 mins to cooking a meal, going for a run or to meditation as examples. If you are struggling with finding that time, monitor how much time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, your phone in general or watching TV and see if you can swap out any of that time.

We also held our first Thriva community event to give a sneak peak of the changes that we will be rolling out over the coming weeks - however that will require a dedicated blog post so stay tuned 😜