Thriva + Seedcamp. A Winning Combo

I’m delighted to announce that today we closed our Angel funding round for thriva with investment from the likes of Seedcamp - Europe’s leading early stage fund. As you'll know if you've been following the thriva story: Thriva is a health tech business that exists to enable everyone to be able to easily know what’s going on in their body

“One area of keen interest for us at Seedcamp is any technology that democratizes and facilitates services for the masses that were typically either cost-prohibitive or too complex to do at the preferred time frames for appropriate action.

Thriva, which starts with analyzing what’s within your body conveniently and in the comfort of your home, is entering a market which has classically been hesitant to innovate”  said Carlos Espinal - Partner at Seedcamp

Here's what we offer

We use finger prick blood tests you can use at home to extract valuable health data about your body. Using our platform you can measure and track changes over time.

Just think what having easy access to the most insightful, motivating data could do for you.

Prevent rather than cure illness. Long-lasting motivation means better diet and exercise choices

Our Supporters

We’re fortunate to be able to count Seedcamp - Europe’s leading early stage and pre-seed fund - as an investor who sit along-side a roster of Angel’s with a strong track record of investment in London’s growing tech scene.

Will Neale, founder of Fonix and Grabyo and an early investor in Property Partner is joined by the likes of Ricky Knox - founder of Azimo and Tandem Bank - and investor in Fin-tech startups Splittable and Curve, as well as Peter Jackson - Head of Innovation at Santander and an early stage backer of Aire and Osper.

Our investors, like us, recognise the parallels between FinTech and health. Though health lags behind, both have a burning need for products that place the customer at the centre of the experience whilst continuing to offer security and trust.

Health-tech is, perhaps, having its moment here in London

We’re building a product that will transform the way we understand our bodies and control our health and we want you onboard.  Our Beta product goes live in May this year signup here

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