Thriva Journal: Andonis Sakatis


We have pretty great customers, who are doing amazing things when it comes to their health and fitness. And so, we like to shine a spotlight on these endeavours and give them a virtual high five.

Today we hear from Andonis Sakatis who is two marathons short of completing a marathon on all seven continents.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm Andonis, up until recently I lived and worked in central London developing trading and technology businesses. I've since moved to Australia.

Outside of my working career, my passion has always been health, fitness and travel. As I learned more about health, nutrition and fitness, I took the opportunity to make changes to my lifestyle and used this to improve my training.

When it comes to my diet I've been pescatarian since the age of 13, in 2007 I cut out alcohol from my diet after reaping the benefits of a month without it. My eating habits have always been one of balance, following a wide ranging, but nutritional diet and using sports to avoid the need for any rigid calorie counting.

How do you track your health? 

I track my weight and body fat metrics using a Nokia Smart Body Analyzer weighing scale, which takes my weight and body fat percentages every day, automatically logging the history.

My Apple watch continuously tracks my heart rate and I use the Runkeeper app to track my running fitness in training and events.

I use Thriva to monitor and track the effect that my training and nutrition is actually having, then every five years I have a full medical check up.

What training are you currently doing?

In London, my training schedule involved running run once or twice a week, either on my own or part of the wonderful Tribe running community.

I use the “Ride” spin sessions at 1Rebel for cycling training once a week and various swimming pools for swimming every other week.

I mixed in weight training where I could to build strength, conditioning and general injury prevention for the endurance events I compete in.

What inspired you to run a marathon in every continent?

I’ve always been a strong believer that a healthy lifestyle involves balance in physical training, nutrition and mindfulness.

After running the historic marathon route from Marathon to Athens in Greece, I decided that I wanted to combine a passion for running with travel and so decided to complete a marathon in all seven continents.

The adventure has included some spectacular experiences so far; from a game reserve in South Africa for the Big Five Marathon, to the stunning mountain region of Lake Tahoe in North America, through the Bagan temples in Burma and in November I travelled to Antartica for the Ice Marathon. 

As my cardio fitness improved from running, I took the opportunity to master another sport in the form of swimming by learning the phenomenal Total Immersion swimming technique. With five triathlons now under my belt, I have my sights on further distances.

What are your plans for the future?

After making Antartica my 5th marathon continent (read how Andonis got on here) I’m looking to complete the high altitude Inca Trail marathon in South America and the Australian Outback marathon around Ayers Rock.

Since moving to Sydney and immersing myself in the health focused community in Bondi, I’m using the local beaches and hilling terrain to train daily for an Iron Man next year and eventually the Sahara based Marathon Des Sables. 

I’m also keen to see if the increased sunlight of Australia plays a positive role in my vitamin D levels and thus impact any future races. 

A pretty impressive undertaking if we do say so! We'll be sure to check in with Andonis throughout the year to see where he is in the world & which race he has next.