Tips that contribute to a healthy liver

The liver is a pretty amazing organ - responsible for over 500 functions, it can be taken for granted at times. With elements such as food, pollution and alcohol intake all taking it's toll. 

However the fact that the liver can regenerate itself is good news as it means that there's no time like the present to start working on having a healthier liver.

Diet: No surprise that this is first on the list, the food that you eat plays a huge role in keeping the liver healthy. Having a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and fibre provides vitamins and minerals that the liver needs to perform at it's best. 

Sugar: Sticking with the theme of food, refined sugar and synthetic sweeteners can cause liver inflammation and lead to fatty liver disease so are best to avoid as much as possible. Cut back on the fizzy drinks (such as Coca Cola) and avoid alcoholic beverages that are particularly high in sugar. 

Multivitamins: Taking a multivitamin or even a single vitamin, such as vitamin E or C, assists with improving your liver's functions and avoiding deficiencies by ensuring that your liver has adequate mineral and vitamin supplies.

Water: Crucial to flushing the toxins from your liver you should be aiming to drink between 8-10 glasses of water a day. Grab a bottle and challenge yourself to have reached a certain point at different times of the day if this seems like an impossible feat. 

Exercise: Getting out and moving helps with blood circulation around the body, which is important in enabling your liver to release blood to your brain along with your organs, muscles and joints. 

Don't view the tips in this blog post, or the steps that may be required to improve your liver as a mountain to be climbed, these are all easy to adopt and achieve and will assist with getting you closer to the levels that you want.