Time to give your health a spring clean

With a new season upon us (and hopefully a relatively warmer one) what better time to check in with your health goals and give them a bit of a spring clean.

If, like nearly everyone else in the world, you set some New Year resolutions based around your health and wellness but haven’t really done anything since, we have some top tips that will make them seem achievable again:

  1. Ditch it - do you have a goal that makes you wince every time you think about it? Chances are that you were a little over ambitious when you set this one. To avoid having this goal overshadow what you are achieving it might be worth ditching it. Good news though is you will have a goal ready for 2018!

  2. Start small - you’re not going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly be in the gym at 6 am, drinking 8 glasses of water a day and getting your 8 hours of sleep at night, so be realistic with what you can achieve.

  3. Review - Do a quick review of what an average week looks like for you; is there an hour spare that you could dedicate to achieving your health goals? How about just 30 minutes? Dedicating time doesn’t have to become a time suck.

  4. Find a buddy - If you have a goal in mind that you are really struggling with why not team up with someone. Having a buddy alongside you with instantly take the dread out of it and you might even start to enjoy it!

  5. Add some fun - Is there a way to add some fun to your goals? Looking to eat healthier, why not enrol in some cooking classes. Aiming to run 5km, how about taking part in a fun run. Achieving your goals shouldn't be a chore and this way you will hopefully make them part of your everyday life.

If you haven't achieved everything you set out to do starting January 1st - so what! Pick something on your list and use the next 30 days to focus on it Be sure to look at it as a fun challenge rather then a daunting chore and I've no doubt that you will blitz it!