Vitamin D & Muscle fatigue

The importance of Vitamin D (25 OHD) levels in ensuring bone health has long been recognised, but increasingly we are also seeing research show the correlation between healthy Vitamin D levels and reduced muscle fatigue risk.

The following is part of the conclusion from a recent research paper;

The data showed that considerable levels of 25(OH)D concentrations, calcium intake, and lower obesity positively correlated with the improvement in the muscle relief and performance of physically active participants. These results demonstrate that 25(OH)D concentrations and calcium might prevent muscle fatigue

Correlation between vitamin D levels and muscle fatigue risk factors based on physical activity in healthy older adults - Al-Eisa ES, Alghadir AH, Gabr SA February 2016

It's unsurprising therefore, that we are seeing a growing interest from both professional and amateur athletes in tracking this internal biomarker, as highlighted by a recent Guardian article.

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