Team Thriva - Sarah

With the team at Thriva continuing to grow we wanted to introduce the world to those that are behind Thriva. First up is Sarah who joined us a month ago to take the reins of our customer insights and support. 


So what are you responsible for here at Thriva?

Trying to work out why people do or do not use us, as well as managing our customer service and helping increase activation & retention.

What are you currently focused on?

Speaking to customers to try and get to the heart of why they use Thriva (I could be speaking to you soon!)

On everyone's first day we ask for a fun fact about themselves, what's yours Sarah?

I can name all of the US presidents!

If you were to bring 3 things to a desert island what would they be?

Oh a Kindle with thousands of books (and unlimited battery), bug spray and cheesecake 😁

What is your favourite thing about working here at Thriva?

The positive, encouraging culture and that there is a lot of psychological safety. 

Finally, what would make you the happiest person in the world right now?

Summer and the good weather lasting a few more months!  ☀️