Our latest safety feature


Your safety is one of the most important things to us. So we’ve improved how we show you any out of range results. This new update will help make sure you’re aware of any out of range results. And also let you know when you need to see your GP.

If you have an out of range result, it will be categorised as either purple, yellow, or red — depending on how out of range it is.


This means your result falls slightly outside of the normal range. It’s nothing to worry about, but we recommend discussing this with your GP at your next routine appointment.


This means your result is out of range. It’s not an urgent result, but we recommend discussing it with your GP in the next seven days.


This means your result is very out of range. Don’t worry, one of our doctors will call you to discuss your result. They’ll also ask you to follow up with your GP as soon as possible.

Questions or feedback about this update? Contact hello@thriva.co 🙂

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