Why only maximum energy will do - thriva journals

At thriva, we believe strongly in the value of having the relevant data to stay on top of your health. As co-founders we’ve committed to sharing our test results, challenges and successes over the coming months. Below is my first entry — enjoy!

For a long time I’ve known that this moment was coming. When it would come time to leave the security and stability of my salaried job and start my own business. In February this year, that’s exactly what happened and my fellow founders and I are now feverishly working away to turn thriva into a household name.

‘There’s never a perfect time’ to start your own gig. That’s a stone cold fact. I’ve got a 9 month old son — Kit — and a wife currently on maternity leave. Not exactly the the ideal time. But, they also say, ‘if you wanna make god laugh, tell him you plans’. So here we go.


Let’s get something straight. I am NOT one of these maniacs who can get away with 4 hours sleep a night. I’d consider myself and my body pretty normal and my bio rhythms fairly standard too.

However, with the new business and a new form of alarm clock (see above re 9 month old son), what’s become really clear is that you stand a much better chance of smashing it on all fronts if you have as much energy as possible. Which is why the focus of my thriva logs is going to be just that.Energy.

Here are the things I checked when I did my ‘baseline’ test back in February:

  • Thyroid
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Full Blood Count

As you can see, although my iron and thyroid levels were fine, my Vitamin D was low and my MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume). As low Vit D can contribute to tiredness and MCV is associated with Vit B12 deficiency (also linked to tiredness), I’ve decided to take some supplements and see how I feel! Looking forward to seeing how it goes..