5 tips to limit the impact of drinking on your health


First and foremost as a health tech company we recommend adhering to the UK guidelines when it comes to alcohol consumption. There, disclaimer over. Inevitably we aren't all perfect, and as a nation, let's face it we tend to like a drink. So here at thriva we've tried to pull together 5 simple tips to help limit the impact of a big night on your health.

1.    It’s obvious and everyone says it but drink lots of water. The more you hydrate before, during and after drinking alcohol the less likely you are to suffer from hangover symptoms. No hangover means less of a temptation to stuff your face with pizza the next day, and the more likely you are to stick to routine and get some exercise in. Simple tip but people don’t always give it the credit it is worth.

2.    Limit your carbohydrate intake on that day. The key to a good diet is maintaining your macro nutrient (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) intake. Alcohol – especially beer – is full of carbohydrates and will most likely mean you over consume in this area when drinking. It is good to line your stomach before drinking but try to keep your pre-night out meals low in carbs, with more emphasis on protein. Why not have an omelette before hitting the beers rather than spaghetti bolognese. 3.    Avoid premium lagers and strong ciders. These contain significantly more sugar and as a result are far more calorific, plus they will only make your hangover worse. You can see the difference in calories between premium versus standard larger below using our quick comparison table. 4.    Know the rough calorie content of your drinks. We’ve pulled together a cheat table below that will help you here. It goes without saying that just knowing the rough calorie content of different beverages will make you more aware of your calorie intake and how to manage this. 5.    Stay away from that takeaway. Your body does not need the fried chicken, nor the lamb donner after a night out. Avoid the takeaway to stop you over consuming on your macronutrients more than you already will have done. Just call it a night and save the £10 note in your pocket for a cab home. Booze & Calories These are approximations and may vary by brand but here is a rough steer on the calories content of your favourite drinks.

Beers, lager and cider (per pint) Bitter  - 180 calories Mild bitter  -  142 calories Pale ale  -  182 calories Brown ale -  160 calories Stout  -  210 calories Lager – ordinary strength  -  170 calories Lager – premium  -  338 calories Dry cider  -  190 calories Sweet cider  -  220 calories Vintage sweet cider  -  580 calories

Wines (175ml glass) Red wine  -  119 calories Rose wine  -  125 calories White wine (sweet)  -  165 calories White wine (medium)  -  132 calories White wine (sweet)  -  116 calories Sparkling white wine  -  133 calories

Spirits (25ml pub measure)     Vodka, gin, whisky, brandy, rum etc  -  52 calories Liquers (25ml pub measure) Tia Maria, Cherry Brandy, Advocaat  -  66 calories Cointreau, Drambuie  -  79 calories Cream liquers  -  81 calories

Please drink responsibily. For the facts, visit drinkaware.co.uk

Photo by Al King